SD connect C4 error 8.561.6067 when variant coding on Smart 450

Got the 8.561.6067 error when I wanted to change some things in variant coding for my smart 450. Tried some methods and then solved in the end. Just post for sharing.

Ps. Tool i used: sdconnect compact 4 software 07/2012


Note: Unlock the ECU first!

1. Go to the developer menu in SAM (last item)
SD-C4-Error 8.561.6067 (1)

2. Enter “Actuations
SD-C4-Error 8.561.6067 (2)

3. Choose “Complete index
SD-C4-Error 8.561.6067 (3)

4. Scroll all the way down and choose SG_Entriegelung (=control unit unlock)
SD-C4-Error 8.561.6067 (4)

Perform unlock (F3)

After this the variant coding can be saved without the error, I can save every setting i want.

Maybe it is a similar thing for other MB models…


More Product information Please search :(World OBD2 Auto Diagnosis Tool Mall)