Should I buy a Tech 2 scan tool?

Thread: Looking for a HQ Tech II programmer (clone), should I? and where to?

Would it be worth buying a Tech II programmer for advanced diagnostic ability and communication with other modules, or would it just be a waste of $$$?

I use OBD2 based hand helds to troubleshoot my vehicles and found out recently that the airbags require the Tech II if replaced to clear the airbag warning light due to the BCM and PCM not seeing the correct serial # from each bag and the TECH II is required to enter this information.

Any service techs out there that can tell me exactly what the Tech II MUST be used for and if it is worth buying to add to the “toolbox”.


Reply: (credits to all customers with real reviews)

– I have a Tech2 w/candi module and it was very helpful for doing some of my project car stuff.

Now that I am finishing up a bunch of my projects, I’ll probably sell it off, if I don’t buy another vette in the near future.

It’s a nice tool for figuring out electrical problems, especially EBCM issues and for adding BCM changes.

– I work for a dealership (or stealership as so many of you refer to us as) in DFW area. I own a tech 2 and it’s a great tool to have if you work on GM products 10 hours a day. If not stick with a snap on.

– I own two TECH2, one is a hot back up from I use mine nearly every day for me its an invaluable tool. However for the home wrench its a very expensive tool that you may or may not use in your tool box. You should get to know your dealer well, and take them a beer or two you will find that usually one of their guys will more than likely just scan your car for free. I do that a lot for my customers, and don’t charge a dime for it. Don’t bother with the MDI, you need dealer specific software to use if effectively, and that is something they don’t give away, it is quite expensive. It is available from Vetronix but as I mentioned its very expensive.

– I had purchased a Tech2 and used it for about 3 months.
I loved it. Anything I wanted to work on I could. It IS the same tool that the dealer uses and Vetronix is the ONLY brand. The rest of them are overseas knockoffs. You get what you buy.

The Tech2 when used with GM’s Tis 2 web (you’ll need this to program BCM and ECM and a few other things but most of the stuff is stand alone and not necessary) and A/C Delco eSi service manuals online or in print you can check every aspect of your car. You will no longer be a parts changer. The Tech2 will give you the necessary information to diagnose the car and fix it along with making all the necessary adjustments.

Now with that said. During the time It took to refund my purchase and I was looking for a replacement I got to know my local GM Vette mechanic. He has treated me very well and reasonable. I have since found this to nbe much more valuable and reasonable than having having so much money tied up in a tool. It will take a long time to really ever feel like you can recoup the cost of the tool but their is a lot of satisfaction in knowing you fixed it right the first time without much to any guessing.

BTW I feel this way and I work on and rebuild several Vettes per year.

– Pretty expensive tool. You have to consider how much you might use it vs paying to gain access to one when needed. There is also a learning curve to be able to utilize it as there would be with some of the other tuning tools available. (HP Tuners, EFI Live, etc.)

– Tech-2 is great if you work on GM vehicles often. The only benefit I see of a Tech-2 is for Body and ABS trouble shooting. Otherwise its just an extremely expensive scan tool. There are plenty of scanners out there that can still command some things like fuel pump relays, evap solenoids etc…

– On all the older C5’s C6’s there is no way of checking if the car has been tuned without comparing the whole tune file to a totally stock tune
On 2014 and newer Corvettes some claim the there is a tell tale way to see if it’s been tuned—-It is rather complicated and is done b seeing if the “checksums” match the stock tuned checksums—–But again this can only be done with HP–EFILIVE or the dealers “back to stock” tuning software NOT using a TECH II

– Hooked it up to test engine, ABS, transmission etc, stored DTCs, Freeze Frame, live data all the test result were displayed on the large, easy –to-read backlit screen. It helped to carry out accurate and stable diagnostic function.

– To retrofit tcs and marry a non divorced cd changer.

– Used it to pinpoint bad air bag sensors, turned on the tpms on both our Z’s.

– connected to my intimidator ss and everything was there

– Change one of my c5s that is canadien to US to disable the auto headlights because they don’t always open when they should and when they do work right they come on too early.

– Is now fully functional for F body, C5 and C6, It cost me a lot more than the initial $1000 that I thought was a good deal.

– Plugin to ’08 93 Aero and play around with the typical body and key features. My primary reason for picking up the Tech II was to program a spare key, it programs a new key was easily as 1-2-3 I figured ~$500+ at a dealer or ~$400 on my own would be well worth it…obviously if I received a working, defect free, unit.

– Used it to program my key fobs for my malibu but also have 4 other chevys.

– Changing some of the standard comfort features.

– Able to get security access using an old Dell laptop from my IT guy’s graveyard.

– Changed my key-unlock settings to all at first press, and then lock on drive off/open on key out was a snap.

– If you had a Tech2, you could possibly talk to the dealer and have them access their TIS system to load the BCM or PCM calibration to your Tech2. Some may do it.

If you can’t do that, just buy additional TIS2000 with USB key. The tis 2000 needs windows XP, Vista, win8.1, Win 7 32 bit.

– Compared with GM MDI, Tech2 covers more vehicles including OPEL, GM, SAAB, and Isuzu. About the programming: pretty sure Tech2 only program up to mid year 2012 model. At some point in the 2012 model year GM changed the interface method/tool. At this point the tech 2 became obsolete, so to programm the GM up to 2012, i.e 2013 GS Vert, GM MDI came instead of the Tech2.

-used it on GMC for air bag warning

-Tried it on 2006 Silverado & worked ok.

– Able to easily and completely program out the TPMS system

– To do two crank sensor re=learns and did the brake bleed on mine for the EBCM flush and it worked fine

– I am fairly certain it works on all GM cars til 2013. I have used it on my 03 GMC full size pickup, and 07 Trailblazer !!!! (and my 99 vette of course).

-If you have a 1997-2000, the TPMS is in the firmware and cannot be programmed. With the addition of the Z06 in 2001-2004, it can be programmed.

– Bleed the ABS ok.

– Used to cycle and bleed the ABS brakes on my C6 ok

-Plugged it in to 2011 Z06, and activated the Afterblow feature. I also cleared some old DTC codes that were in history. It works just fine and the quality feels genuine. It’s a pretty good knock off. Even came with all of the stickers from the Veltronix manufacturer. I assume they are knock off too.

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