SVCI J2534 “Unregistered software. Expired data Error” Solution

Customer Problem: When I was using SVCI J2534 device, it pops up a warning message with the words “Unregistered software. Expired date: 2019.7.12” as shown in the picture below.

Solution offered by engineer:

Don’t worry! The warning message is a reminder that you need to upgrade your software the latest version. Please follow the steps below to operate.

Step 1: Uninstall the current IDSFord/IDSMazda software and Ford/Mazda Quickloader software

Step 2: Download the latest IDSFord/IDSMazda, SVCI J2534 Ford/Mazda Quickloader and IDS_VCI (Ford/Mazda) driver from

Step 3: Install the newest software above you had download

Then you can run IDSFord/IDSMazda software from Quickloader directly.

Here is FVDI J2534 IDS V110 software installation video for reference:

Please kindly notice:

If you still cannot solve your SVCI J2534 problem with the solution above, and get the error message “Load IDS software failed. Maybe IDS has not been installed. Please install IDS at first.”

The main reason for the new problem is that you didn’t install IDS_VCI driver, please read step 2 carefully.