Temperature Correction of Engine/ Air Con with SD Connect C4

This guide will help the fan to turn on earlier to cool the Mercedes engine sooner than stock, with SD C4.


Mercedes Benz E55 AMG (W211) ‘2008

Tools used:

SD connect compact 4 diagnostic mux

Dell laptop D630

(technicians at wobd2 recommend you, esp. for new uses, to buy plug-and-play diagnostic bundles- mux with laptop, for it could avoid lots of installation problems, can be used directly when get it & save a lot.)


Model series selection: 211

Electric-Suction-Fan-for-Engine (1)

This is the main menu

Go to Control Units

Electric-Suction-Fan-for-Engine (3)

Then Drive

Electric-Suction-Fan-for-Engine (4)

Then ME-SFI 2.8 – Motor electronic 2.8

Electric-Suction-Fan-for-Engine (5)

Then Control Unit adaptations

Electric-Suction-Fan-for-Engine (6)

Then Correction Programming

Electric-Suction-Fan-for-Engine (7)

Then Electric Suction Fan for engine or air conditioning

Electric-Suction-Fan-for-Engine (8)

Then Hit F4 until it changes to -10 and hit F2

Temperature correction

This correction is used for shifting the engine temperature dependence of the electronic suction fan for engine or air conditioning.

The temperature correction acts additively on a temperature curve.

A position temperature correction results in the suction fan being switched on later.

Electric-Suction-Fan-for-Engine (9)



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