VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford/Mazda 2 in 1 with IDS V95 FAQ

Here gathering the most concerned and frequently asked questions of the newly launched VXDIAG VCX NANO diagnostic tool for Ford/Mazda 2 in 1 with IDS V95?


About software:


Q: Does it compatible OEM diagnostic software IDS?

A: Yes, the IDS is the OEM diagnostic software.


Q: Can I install the V86 or V94 software on the new VXDIAG hardware?

A: No, the VXDIAG comes with default V95 IDS software, cannot load with older versions.


Q: Both Mazda and Ford IDS share the same software version?

A: Yes, the current Ford/Mazda IDS version is V95.



About Update


Q: Hi, does it support update?

A: Yes, it support update via CD。



About firmware:


Q: What the difference between the VXDIAG Ford/Mazda and VCM2 IDS?


  1. VXDIAG comes with both Ford and Mazda 2-in1 IDS, but VCMII only comes with Ford IDS or Mazda IDS.
  2. VXDIAG VCX NANO is compatible with newer V95, V96 IDS, but VCM 2 cannot.
  3. VXDIAG is designed with plug-and-play USB interface which is more convenient comparing with VCM 2 system.


Q: Does VXDIAG Ford & Mazda IDS support WIFI connection? Need to buy WIFI card additionally?

A: No, the new Ford/Mazda IDS does not support WIFI wireless connection.



About Language:


Q: Does the new VXDIAG IDS support Turkish?


A: The new VXDIAG VCX NANO IDS is multi-language available:



You can change the language to you want within the IDS software:



About vehicle support:


Q: What newest Ford does it the new Ford IDS support?

A: The new IDS support Ford and Mazda models up to 2015.


Q: Does the new VXDIAG come with Mazda & JLR IDS/SDD software as well?

A: No, the new VXDIAG comes with JLR IDS/SDD software for Jaguar and Land rover only.


Q: If your VXDIAG VCX NANO VAS 5054A ODIS V2.0 is the same as VAS 5054A interface?

VW VAS 5054A interface


A: Yes, the new VXDIAG 5054a ODIS supports VAG group: VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT Bentley and Lamborghini. But comes with ODIS V2.0, do not compatible latest ODIS V2.2.3.

ODIS V3.0.1 Bluetooth




About Computer & Installation


Q: I want to buy the VXDIAG tool, does it run on Win 7 operating system?

A: No,

1) the computer needs to have at least 4GB Memory.

2) Computer need produced after 2000 year, too old computer can not run the software.

3) OS needs to be WINDOWS XP SP3.

But you are allowed to install it on VMware.


Q: Where can i find the vmware? does it comes with cd?

A: Yes. VMware system has already been installed ready on the CD.  After you install the VMware player, then you can open VMware system.


Q: Can i install ford and mazda on same pc? is it stable? should i need change the pc time every 3 days like vcm?

A: You can install this two on the same PC by WMware. If you do not load them on VMware, then install them on different PC. This software does not need to change the computer time.


Q: I want to ask VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford / Mazda 2 in 1 with ids without resorting to virtual machines are not?

A: The software can be installed on virtual machine.


Q: Hello, is the software installed into the tool or pc? how is the license working? thanks

A: The software is included inside the CD, you need to install it by yourself after you get the parcel.  No license needed for this item


Q: Does it work with windows xp sp2?

A: No, you need work it on windows xp sp3.



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