2009 golf tdi ABS and traction light on and flashing, what to do?


I have a customer who is not the brightest and he wanted to put an different cluster into his 2009 golf tdi.
Of course the car wouldn’t start but when he put the old cluster back in the car starts but the ABS and traction light is on and flashing.
It has 4 codes the 3 sensor calibration and the 4th is the ABS unit coding.
I have calibrated the 3 sensors all codes disappeared but the coding.
When I select coding I get communication failed on the my AutoBoss v30 when i try to use Gscan i can only input 0s.
Can someone enlight me what’s going on. I must say i’m not very experienced on the VWs but I have coded units in before.

Car basic information:
Part No 1K0907379AE

I was suggested to do:
Have a look at your long coding for the abs pump it will have reverted to all zero’s. You will need it coded online with VAS 5054A or someone with Autologic could do it for you. It happens when the dash is swapped.

Finally solved:
All should have good vin encoded inside

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