Autel MP808Z-TS Review: Upgrade Version of Autel 808 Series

As the new upgrade version of Autel 808 Series, what are the highlights of Autel MaxiPRO MP808Z-TS among Autel 808 ranges.

Here we will see what makes this MP808Z-TS better than previous versions.


Open typical mold case.

A power brick, two USB cables, A lanyard that you can put onto wireless VCI.

With two USB cables, you can connect it to wireless VCI while charging.

Power button, USB-A, HDMI, SD card memory, and a micro USB port.


Comparison by Autel.

Better firmware configuration and more special functions.

Highlights are ECU coding as MS906BT and TPMS functions

It’s like a scan tool and a TPMS tool in one.

All TPMS functions – first in Autel TPMS product, program Autel MX-Sensor, and TPMS retrofit.


(e.g. connect to 2022 KIA K5)

Auto scan, no faults.

Control units, all units in vehicle.

Live data on Engine, Accel Pedal Sensor graph.

Special Function

Network connection is required, for this new model not for the device.


Battery test needs to work with an extra module.

2018 and newer FCA automobiles needs an extra auto auth account.



A brand new tool with streamline software, full bi-directional control, full TPMS function built in. It’s like buying two tools in one.

If I was in market in this range, this is the one for me.


Review from brianok100.