V2023.3 BMW ICOM Software Update Info

V2023.3 BMW ICOM Software is released with ISTA-D 4.39.31 ISTA-P Please note that the new software requires at least 1T memory due to FG database of the new version, so 500G disk may not perform full functions.

Compatible Devices:





V2023.03 Software Update Info:

ISTA-D: 4.39.31

ISTA-P: Support BMW motorcycle and electric car programming

SDP programming database: 4.39.30, support multi language

ETK: 2019.12  (Only 1TB HDD/SSD has)

KSD: 2019.12  (Only 1TB HDD/SSD has)

INPA 5.06

winkfp 5.2.3

NCS 3.5.1

BMWAi: 4.6


E-SYS  ESYS3.35、ESYS3.36, database V71.0, with E-SYS Chinese version

FSC navigation code calculation software

Database V68.0

FSC navigation code calculation software.

Dr. GINI B022

FSC navigation arithmetic software and IBAC code

Add BMW old car DIS software, DISV57 and DISV44, diagnosis and programming

Not connected 9000 days remaining

Brush Hide Software E-SYS pro 2.8, HU TOOL2 (New)



1.If you need all the software, please choose 1TB HDD/SSD

(Since the FG database of the new version of the software is very large, 500G can no longer fit it, and a 1T disk is required to load it)

2.ICOM software HDD/SSD with Windows system can only be used as internal HDD/SSD, otherwise, it cannot work normally and may damage software files

3.ICOM Software requires activation via Teamviewer.

4.HDD/SSD software requires activation via Teamviewer.

5.Do Not install anti-virus program, Do Not update any program online



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