Benz W213 activate on Audio 20 with Media Screen

Benz E-Class (W213) activate on Audio 20 with Media Screen

I have apple carplay to be activated on a Benz E-Class (W213) because I have Audio 20 with Media Display and MY 808 car.  My question on which I cannot find an answer is what options?

I’ve been talking to one of the guys in Germany at the site linked above. He has confirmed my UK car can be activated. He said to get it done remotely I would need Monaco DTS software and a Multiplexer Benz ecom to allow him to do it over teamviewer i.e remotely. Saying it would cost me 150 euros. Lets see if I can get hold of the hardware now!


I have managed to successfully get the Car Play activation done on my 68 plate E220d coupe with widescreen Audio 20.

I got in touch with the contact mentioned above in Germany and managed to find someone who had the specialist Monaco DTS software and Benz ecom hardware in Leicester local to me. The engineer from Germany then remotely connected to the computer here and performed the coding on my car. I now have Apple Carplay, Android Auto and another Baidu app which I think is an Asian social media app or something.

See pics attached:


And here is the image of Benz ecom with Monaco DTS software: