Best Key Programmer for EWS4 No Soldering


Is there any adapter good for making EWS4 system easier with Autel 608 II? Complete the job with an ews4 adapter with Autel, but those chips are so tiny and I have tried soldering but I’m not sure I’m good at soldering.

Autel got another way on EWS4:

Autel APB114 Adapter and harbor freight probe kit.


For this one MINI Prog/ VVDI Prog/ got an awesome adapter that works flawlessly.

Just add power to that adapter.

EWS4 Solder-Free Adaptor worth VVDI Key Tool Plus works perfectly


AK90 all day long ! It’s like 90-100 anywhere just get one for the few times you will be doing these, may not be often but we’ll worth not have the trouble, Ak90 With Ews4 solder free adapter.

But may not be the best for ews4.4. It may brick it.


Done! Hope this could help!