Clear DTC with JLR SDD Diagnosis for Land Rover L359

Hello, all! This is a detailed instruction for clearing DTC via JLR SDD Diagnosis, from our wobd2 technicians. Hope it helps you guy out.

Security system needs to do programming online with the account password.
Other systems do not need programming online.
An external voltage regulator is needed for the vehicle to make its voltage meet the prompted demands.
Please be strict with programming according to the software.

Open “JLR SDD” on Desktop.
Click to login.
Make sure that the SPX-i-VIEW is connected at the bottom right of your interface.
Click “Continue” only when you have fully understood the above warnings.
Select “Auto VIN Read”.
Select “Diagnosis”.
Select “Powertrain/Engine system/Engine coding”.
JLR SDD Diagnosis Clear DTC-1
Select “Diagnosis”. (vehicle specification)
Click “Continue” with the selection of “Powertrain/Engine system/Engine coding”.
Loading recommended candidates…
Select “China” and save the change.
Loading recommended candidates…
Select “Complete vehicle-Clear all stored diagnostic trouble codes” to “Run”.
JLR SDD Diagnosis Clear DTC-2
Click “Continue”.
Tool description…
Set ignition switch to OFF (Position 0) and Click “Continue”. (Ignition cycle instruction)
Set ignition switch to ON (Position II) and Click “Continue”. (Ignition cycle instruction)
On the top menu, select “Session”
Click here to return data collection.
JLR SDD Diagnosis Clear DTC-3
Select “DTCs” on the top menu to view DTCs read from the vehicle.
Select “Session” for connection.