JLR-SDD Diagnosis DataLogger

Steps description:

Open the file “JLR SDD” on Desktop.
Click to login.
Click “Continue” when you have fully understand the warnings.
Select “Auto VIN Read”.
Select “Diagnosis”.
Select “Powertrain/Engine System/Engine Coding” and click “Continue”.
JLR-SDD Diagnosis DataLogger-1
Click “Recommendations”.
Click “Run”.
JLR-SDD Diagnosis DataLogger-2
Select “other signals/211-00 steering system [1]/control module supply voltage”. Then click the arrow button.
JLR-SDD Diagnosis DataLogger-3
Select “303-00 engine system [55]/battery voltage”.Then click the arrow button.
JLR-SDD Diagnosis DataLogger-4
Click the line down button. Page down.
Click the arrow button of “lighting status – puddle lamp” and “mirrors motor outputs- mirror heat output”. And click the following button.
JLR-SDD Diagnosis DataLogger-5
Set the ignition switch to ignition on. Click the tick button.
Click to select or view current vehicle.
JLR-SDD Diagnosis DataLogger-6
JLR-SDD Diagnosis DataLogger-7
Then close the interface.
Select “Stop Application” in the JLR Application Launcher interface.


Note: this is for AllScanner VCX-PLUS MULTI Scanner.

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