Easycoding: BMW& Rolls Royce iDrive hidden function

BMW, ranging from the 3-series all the way up to the 7-series, uses an On-board Computer (OBC) to provide the driver
with up-to-moment data. The iDrive system is very useful if you wanted to know the temperature, time of arrival, fuel consumption, etc.

Then what is iDrive? iDrive is a computer system used to control secondary vehicle systems (such amenities as the climate (air conditioner and heater), the audio system (radio and CD player), the navigation system and communication system) in many current BMW cars as well as current Rolls Royce models, as Rolls Royce is own by BMW.

The iDrive controls consists of a LCD panel mounted in the iDrive in the dashboard and a controller knob mounted on the center console. Very often people can not find some cool hidden functions in iDrive even update the iDrive software.

Following are some of them hidden from customer’s eye:

  • Remove Seat Belt Chime for Driver and Passenger
  • Disable iDrive [Accept] Warnings
  • Disable Rear camera warning
  • Video in Motion for CIC
  • Weather Band Radio for CIC
  • Fuel Stop Suggestion in Route Guidance for CIC
  • Lock/unlock beep options in iDrive for CCC
  • Disable Day time Running Light in iDrive for CCC
  • Traffic Information for CCC

UCANDAS Tech newly launches a new EASYCODING diagnostic system which can help BMW and Rolls Royce owners to project these function easily.

1) Locate OBD port and connect Easycoding interface with vehicle and computer.
2) Install software and open it. Select “Diagnostic” function in the main function program
3) Check your vehicle information
4) EASYCODING is mainly designed as a diagnostic tool, if you want to diagnose vehicles, please select DTCs, but if you want to do some personalize setting, select second item options.
5) Choose “Common Mode” to view some customize common function options, like “Select sound effects of lock/unlock in iDrive”
More personalize setting are list below
Some features may need to modify multiple system parameters, or cannot find function you want in Common Mode. Then you may need “Expert Mode”. Posts about reflashing hidden functions can be found among BMW forums, you can refer them to modify parameters and function you want in “Expert Mode”.

All in all, EASYCODING is actually a powerful diagnostic system for BMW and Rolls Royce models. Brower worldobd2.com product page to get more detail information.


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