Ford VCM 1 Rotunda with IDS 104 Questions and Answers

Here are frequently asked questions and answers of Ford Rotunda IDS and VCM 1 clone.

Q: I have originalford rotunda vcm interface, whats latest version i can use?what are calibration files, and how to reprog dvd or online?

A: The latest version found on the internet is IDS V86.
last you can use I think it’s IDS 90 but you need license
The calibration DVD is IDSV81. after only on line

Q: Whats calibration files? kinda database like postsetup for vw?Is it possible to go online?

A: The Calibrations FIles are like the VAG Flash DVD’s. After V81 you can download the calibration Data for specific ECU only online.

Q: So calibration V81 is latest online, which year is 81?

A: As I remember is 2011

Q: What is the latest version for VCM1 ?

A: VCM I Rotunda it is working with latest IDS version
But the last Calibrations offline was C81 – then only online

Q: Did you install IE11 or using edge browser ?

A: its a brand new laptop with win10 & IE11. Disabling firewall & antivirus does not help.

I finally got it working dual-booting with win7.

Q: I was able to get Mazda v81 to work with VCM 1 but I would like to use newer version . I have 98.04 loaded but it doesn’t see my VCM 1, it only searches for VCM II

A: I uninstalled everything that had vcmii or bosch as description and my ids work with VCM 1.

Q: Can I use IDS 104.01 for VCM 1 interface?

A: VCM 1 Rotunda if it has a not expired serial will work with 104.01 as Well

If you cannot connect to Airbag ( Obd pin 7) But you can connect to PCM ( Pvm on Obd pin 2) This is a hardware issue.
My clone Vcm I Rotunda has This issue.which is happend when you have blue Pcb inside or at least one of the blue Pcb as in my case. ( because mine was one blue and one green Pcb inside)
So I changed the blue one because many peaple complains and all come back to work
If I will find it in my stuff I will share the pics to let you in which Pcb is the problem it to know which one you need it to change as I did. Maybe I am wrong. It’s just a thought because no one have a solution for this.