GDS VCI for KIA & Hyundai With Trigger Module Review

I just searched on the hyundai-forums for some advice on choosing a diagnostic tool for my 2014 Hyundai Santa Sport, here I will share with you my experience.

Before buying the red unit, I have also read much information about it on Google and (the online shop I bought my GDS VCI)

GDS, short for Global Diagnostic System which is the best OEM diagnostic system for Hyundai and Kia vehicle makes. It mainly supports North America vehicle models. I purchased the GDS VCI diagnostic system with Trigger Module V15 (€125) for a couple of days. It came with following things:

One VCI Interface

One OBD2 main cable

One 20 Pin Adapter

One 12 Pin DLC Cable

One 10-8-2 Pin Cable

One 6P DC Jack

One AC-DC Power adapter

One USB Cable

One U Disk (Kia, Hyundai)

One Trigger Module (Fright Record)

I have tested the software on my Sony PC running win XP home. It helped cleared an ABS and an airbag error code, coded chassis module, read dynamic data, reset adaption values etc.

This is software Installation guide for V15 GDS:


  1. Hyundai & Kia-GDS software cannot install in one computer. If you install KIA software, you need to install Hyundai master DVD first, or the installation may fail.
  2. Never try to update the software, otherwise the circuit board will be burned, need return it back for repair, and you will pay all the maintenance cost and shipping cost back, because such damage is not free in the warranty policy.

Do not mean your thanks if it helps.