How much do you know ODIS 2.0 VAS 5054A Plus with OKI Chip

Here shows 5054A plus with ODIS 2.0 tested in our wobd2 factory, which help you learn more from the pics in reality.

–How much do you know ODIS V2.0?

ODIS V2.02/2.0 Computer Windows System Requirements:
Windows System Language: American English
Windows XP(xp2/xp3)
System C:// have to be NTFS format
C:// need to have at least 40GB space for installing ODIS V2.0

Vehicle information:

5054a plus -1

OBD starting…

5054a plus -2

System, DTC memory

5054a plus -3

Ignition status

5054a plus -4

OBD starting…

5054a plus -5

Transmission Control Module:

5054a plus -6


—How much do you know 5054A PLUS?
1. ODIS V2.0 support multi-language:

ODIS V2.02 support English only

2. Support both USB and Bluetooth connection (Bluetooth Connection Password: 082145725)

3. With original Bluetooth Chip AMB2300, more stable.

4. With OKI Chip, support UDS protocol.

5. Supported multi-brand Car Models: VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT, Bentley and Lamborghini

6. VAS 5054A V19 support J1850-PWM protocol, which other version do not support, if this need VAS 5054A V19 software, please leave message in your order or paypal

Ps. Original PCB board of 5054a plus

vas-5054a-pcb-board-e-1  vas-5054a-pcb-board-e-3


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