How to install BMW ENET E-sys F-series coding software step-by-step

BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface
E-sys ICOM coding software with soft EST tokens and Pin
psdzdata 54.2
A laptop running Win XP O/S
Backup necessary CAF file

  • Install E-sys software
  • Install E-sys EST tokens
  • Install psdzdata 54.2
  • Connect and configure ENET cable
  • Install E-sys patch
  • E-sys coding example video

The most detail BMW E-sys coding software installation instruction:

E-sys coding software installation:
1) Run “E-sysE-Sys_Setup_3_25_3_RC_b40861.exe” to install program to default location “C:EC-AppsESG” (i.e. “C:EC-AppsESGE-Sys”)
2) During E-Sys installation, when prompted change the default Data Path from “C:Data” to “C:ESysData”.
3) Copy “EDIABAS” folder to the root of “C:” (i.e. “C:EDIABAS”)
4) Run “C:EDIABASHardwareEdiabas-KonfiguratorEdiabas-Konfigurator.exe” and make sure “Interface:” is set to “INTERFACE=ENET”. Pull down the drop-down list and select “INTERFACE=ENET” and then “Andern” and then “Ende”.

E-sys soft EST Tokens installation:

5) Create subfolder “E-Sys EST” under “C:ESysData” (i.e. “C:ESysDataE-Sys EST”)

How to set and create tokens for E-sys software
Please refer to the guide here: E-sys soft tokens generation instruction

6) Copy EST Token File (e.g. “esys_v1.4.EST”) to “E-Sys EST” folder (i.e. “C:ESysDataE-Sys ESTesys_v1.4.EST”)

PSdZData/ psdzdata 54.2 installation:

7) Delete “psdzdata” folder exists in “C:ESysData” (i.e. “C:ESysDatapsdzdata”)

8) Copy downloaded “psdzdata” folder to “C:ESysData” (i.e. “C:ESysDatapsdzdata”)

9) Check if there is a “Dist” folder in each of the Chassis folders, e.g “C:ESysDatapsdzdatamainseriesF010F010_12_03_511odxdist”

ENET E-sys cable Connection& Configuration

10) Connect ENET cable with laptop and connect it with vehicle via OBD port

11) Turn on ignition switch with engine off

12) Navigate “C:EDIABASHardwareENETZGW_SEARCH.exe” to check if ENET cable is well connected. Select Reflash button until connection data appears.

13) Run “C:EC-AppsESGE-SysE-Sys.exe”

There are some option in the Settings:

On the PROGRAM TAB, set the Directories – Data Path to “C:ESysData”

On the EST Tab, set the Developer-Soft-Token EST Path to match EST Token installed in Step 06 above (e.g. “C:ESysDataE-Sys ESTCode Away.EST”

On the ODX Tab, set the ODX Rule Path to “C:ESysDataRules”

14) Press the Connect button on E-sys toolbar and select desired Target Vehicle, e.g. TargetSelector: Project=F010-12-03-511m VehicleInfo=F010

15) Select “Connection via VIN” and press Connect. Wait for connection successful message.

E-sys Patch installation

16) Replace the original JAR files with the ones supplied below:

[*] est-cm-01.05.01.jar –> C:EC-AppsESGE-Syslibestcmest-cm-01.05.01.jar

[*] psdz-core.jar –> C:EC-AppsESGE-SyslibPsdZpsdz-core.jar

[*] copy EST Token File (e.g. “esys_v1.4.est”) to “E-Sys EST” folder (i.e. “C:ESysDataE-Sys ESTesys_v1.4.est”)

Please refer to the BWM F30 coding with E-sys coding software example video here:


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