How to install V2018.4 VXDIAG SUBARU SSM-III?

How to install V2018.4 VXDIAG SUBARU SSM-III?  Here is the detail steps to help you.


Step 1: Install Subaru Select Monitor III

Go to Computer->Install Menu-> “Subaru Select Monitor III” Install

Install diagnosis software
PC application installation was successful

Step 2: Install Subaru Select Monitor 4
Click “Subaru Select Monitor 4” Install
Installing Subaru Select Monitor 4

Install Subaru Select Monitor 4 successfully
Click “Finish” to exit the wizard

Step 3: Install FlashWhite2
Select “FlashWhite2” Install

Click Next to install FlashWhite2

Install FlashWhite2 successfully

Step 4: Install Driver
Click “Driver” Install
Select “5-SUBARU” and click Next

Installing VX Manager

Install VX Driver-SUBARU SSM (SDI) complete

Cancel the options “Run VX Manager” & “Visit website”
Then click Finish to exit setup

Click “Quit” to quit menu

Open Subaru Select Monitor III
Main Menu display

Select “Tool” to check the Language

Select “Help” to check latest version