How to konw whether your MINI VCI is Xhorse cable or not?

How to konw whether your J2534 mini vci cable is Xhorse brand?

Firmware is king.


X-horse company developed this MINI VCI from Toyota Techstream software. There are 2 versions of Mini VCI; firmware ver. 2.0.1 and 1.4.1. My friend got the later and reported has no K-line signal.


My both two Xhorse mini vci interfaces come with firmware V2.0.1 (not V1.4.0 or higher v2.0.4)

The xhorse v2.0.1 cable 100% works with all modern Toyotas (K-line and CAN BUS) except you get no L line support for flashing ECUs. It will definitely no do. This is tested by most of Toyota owner, me included.


Firmware PCB Layouts, parts are well soldered and connected.



If you need, here is free TIS Tecshtream 10.10.018 software to load:

Here is a perfect document on installing Ver.10 on Win 8.1




Buyer¬†: I bought 2 mini vci j2534 cables with Tecshtream Ver. 10.10.018 CD last week from a site ( claiming to be an authorized “Xhorse” dealer. That one works on both my 2002 Prius ISO9141 (with 22 pin connector) and a 2009 Camry Hybrid CANbus (with 16-pin diagnostic connector).


I used to buy one non- Xhorse Techstream cable, it worked too. But I failed to get it worked on K-line Toyota on Win 7 64-bit operating system. The second xhorse cable runs perfectly on Win XP, Win 7 32 bit/64 bit Virtual PC on Intel based laptops.