Xhorse MINI VCI Techstream add 2014 Toyota H immo key

Toyota Techstream is able to programming keys that’s not incredible things. But someone doubt whether it is possible to program H chip transponder key. I have successfully done it and present here.

I am driving Rav4 AWD XLE 2014 came with two H chip keys.


Tool needed:

A X-horse MINI VCI cable 16-pin cable with Techstream software V10.00.028

An extra ignition key and well get cut




Step 1: 

Ordered a H chip key (89785-0D170) from eBay (~$30)

My two H chip keys comes with 89070-0R120 _”H” engraved on the top of the key blade. So I order the 89786-0R020 model key. Only if you want a valet key with special tip that prevents opening the glove compartment


Step 2: 

Ordered MINI VCI OBDII cable and Techstream software DVD from worldobd2.com (cheap 26.99 bucks delivered from China)


Step 3:

Found my self a video instruction on YouTube. The video displays a key programming procedure of Tundra 2013 with Techstream, but the procedure is the same.


Step 4:

Cut the key at a local hardware store (2$). The cut key worked great as it was able to unlock my door and turn the ignition.



Step 5: 

Star programming key

4.1) I loaded Techstream software on Win XP, I later tried it on Win 7 64 bit, loaded well.

Toyota TIS Techstream V10.00.028 on Win XP:

4.2) Plug the MINI VCI cable into the OBD2 socket and connect the other end with laptop via USB port

4.3) Inserted my master key and turned the ignition to ON.

4.4) Clicked on “Connect to Vehicle” and wait the well connection is built. After the system recognizes my vehicle, I was required to select 2WD or 4WD, 4WD of course. Then I run a Health Check and the Techstream software was well communicated with all the ECMs for various systems. I started by programming the remote keyless door lock functions so from the “System Selection Menu” I chose “Main Body”


4.4) Then select “Utility” and “Wireless Code Registration.”


4.5) Follow the “Wireless Code Registration Wizard” popped up windows prompts:


4.6) The programming is complete (took 2 minutes). Click “Next” to program another key or “Exit” if finished.


4.7) Now start programming the immobiliser chip so the key would actually start the engine. From the “System Selection Menu” I chose “Immobiliser”


4.8) Select “Immobiliser Live” tab appeared. Then click on “Utility” and “Key Registration”


4.9) Another wizard popped up and asked me to turn the ignition off, then back on and click next. Then it asked me to turn it back off, remove the master key, insert the new key and click next.


The security light started flashing, as a timer on the screen counted down from about 90 seconds while the ECU learned the new key code. Once the counter got down to zero, it said “Programming Complete” and showed a “Next” and “Exit” button as before. I then tested the key, started the engine, locked/unlocked the doors and it all worked perfectly.


Total Cost: 59$


Ps: If your Toyota has 22-pin diagnostic connector, my cable will not work, you need another MINI VCI cable with 22-pin connector.


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