Install Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines on GM 12 Z06/Z07

Tools to repare:
-DOT compliant braided hoses
GM TECH2 handheld scan tool or the PC-based EASE PC Scan Tool

Let’s go!
I just installed stainless brake lines on my ’12 Z06/Z07. I just can’t understand why GM put brake hoses just like those on a Chevy Cruze on a car with a $7500 brake package. Makes no freakin’ sense.

I ordered a set of DOT compliant braided hoses from Zip Products which are made-in-USA. They can be ordered in red, which I did, to match my red calipers.

The installation was a bolt on, but in the back, you need to temporarily remove the MR sensors and in the front you need to disconnect the wiring to the MR sensors.

Also, the stock hoses have brass seats for the flared ends of the brake pipes but the aftermarket braided hoses have steel seats thus, to get the installation leak-free you have to make the fittings on the brake pipes very tight.

A 13-mm flex-head, flare-nut wrench is required for the job due to the tight spaces around the chassis connections.

After you do the install and pressure bleed the system, carefully check for leaks. You have to do this by feel or with an inspection mirror as its impossible to see any leakage right at where the brake pipe fitting goes into the hose connection. What I did was first, get rid of the vacuum in the power assist, then put your foot hard on the brakes for a minute then go check for leaks.

Finally, if enough fluid drains out of the system such that the EBTCM gets air in it, unless you have a dealer grade scan tester (i.e.: GM TECH2 handheld scan tool or the PC-based EASE PC Scan Tool or equiv.) you’ll have to bleed the base brake system then go to the dealer for them to run the “autobleed” procedure then rebelled the base brake system.

With the Zip Products hoses, so far, in two road tests I’ve run with the Zip Productds hose kit, I’ve had no problems with TCS, ABS or SES service lights.

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