(SOLVED) XENTRY key failed to save

Here I offer the solution to help you out when your XENTRY key failed to save successfully.

When running STAR Utilities to save key, i encounter this error:
LicCheckLicence Xentry Diagnostics
4-Startkey can not be decoded or scheme is not recognized, or appid unknown! What is wrong?

1. Deleting all key history and make sure you have the correct Commonlic.dll file.
2. Download the CommonLic.dll file that i covering for anyone, and replace the original in:
C:WINDOWSZAKStarutils and then right click and “Tick” Read Only!
(DO NOT using any other StarUtils “Type” Folder such:
Temporary Star Utils, Temp Star Utils, Daimler Star Utils, etc! Also DELETE any Shortcut that you having
in your Desktop from those WRONG Folders and create 1 NEW from the CORRECT Folder!)

Now 1st check in C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataLicDir IF you have this file: lic_key_2.dat
IF you have it there = DELETE it!
IF NO, then go to the next step!
Go AGAIN in: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataLicDir and right click
in the lic_key_2.dat file and “Tick” Read Only!
3. Last way for ONLY who have Xentry installed and tried ALL of the following but still cannot savethe Xentry key:

1. Change to proper CommonLic.dll file and location.
2. Delete lic_key_2.dat
3. Have a proper Xentry key that its start date should NOT be newer than the computer’s date AND you did NOT use a newer start date before.

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