Landrover Freelander Sawdoc all key lost Solution

Car information:

Landrover Freelander that uses SAWDOC immobilizer

Symptom (one):

It is all key lost situations

P.S: It is not possible for me to buy key from dealer, although get a dealer key and program it by OBD easy, coz The local dealer quoted me $900 for a dealer key and I have to wait for at least a month.

Solution from an experienced locksmith (very good info):
Change sawdoc with ews, is easy to read and edit, and put paired dump ecu+ews, make transponder , i have some paired dumps, depend your engine ecu.

Then he was questioned “cable connector same for sawdoc and ews?”
His answer is yes, same connector, I change myself in one freelander with sawdoc, car have desincronize ecu and sawdoc, can’t succeed read sawdoc, even with tmpro (TM100 Transponder Key Programmer), I buy only second hand ews (from freelander not bmw) is strange ews, inside like ews3, conector like ews2, i make transponder, read ecu dump and manual sync with ews (like bmw), car start without modifi conector or wires

Symptom (two):
Owner found back the key but have P1602 – ECM/immo comm error.
Car has
sawdoc and
DDE 0 281 010 811
Jlr mangoose SDD could not communicate with this car as this car is made in 05.
Other diagnostic can communicate without problem. Apparently Jlr mangoose SDD can only support car with canbus and this car does not.

Finally solved!!!
When I tried with MVP pro, I did not have pre coded transponder. Also I didn’t manage to complete this job as owner found his key.
But there was a problem as it lost sync between sawdoc module and ecu.
It was finally fixed by dealer.