Lonsdor K518ISE Program FEM Key “Fail Code:02” Solution


If Lonsdor K518ISE is possible to add a key for my 2015 BMW 320i, device can’t communicate with the vehicle

The device showed “Communication connection failed. Code: 02” when it was writing original 95128 data.

First check if the original file (FEM ORIGINAL FILE 95128.bin) comes from:

1.Tools beyond Lonsdor Tablet

2.Lonsdor Programmer (written back and preprocessed in Step 4&5)


In this case, Eeprom file is obtained by Xhorse VVDI PROG.


Then here are the correct steps:

1.VVDI PROG writes back Eeprom file

2.Do “Step 4: Restore the EEPROM” and “Step 5: Restore the code”

3.Update firmware

4.Reboot device

5.Follow whole process from Step1 to Step 5



That’s how we program keys for BMW FEM with Lonsdor K518ISE Tablet and other tools


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