Mercedes Smart Fortwo Key Teach-in wobd2

I am driving a 2005 Fortwo Cabrio. I have made some research on search engines, but cannot find any procedure on how to do it. There’s also a large amount of misinformation online.
The local dealer ship wanted $300 before tax to do the job (including the fob to be fair).  I have Star diagnosis C3 Multiplexer. I decided this morning on a challenge to see if I could code my cabrio fob to my coupe. I hope this info will help many smart owners.

Disclaimer: I’m reporting what I did. You are on your own risk.

Run DAS/XENTRY (my 2012.03V with database for Clone MB Star C3 multiplexer)
Obtain a copy of AVT1.4 TAN code generator from this thread:
the AVT TAN generator will fully work for Xentry/DAS 8.2008 to newer Star diagnosis

Then I installed the TANLogfix file from mega!C8EBwKpL!MFx9WXDH9-bGQQswty3nOVV6HgX9ojqrT3vG8uZWCf4

1) Start up xentry, and proceed to open DAS
2) Connect Star C3 multiplexer with laptop
3) Navigate to “system” => “EDG control unit” => “Control unit adaptations” => “Immobilizer” => “Teach-in key again”
4) READ the instructions CAREFULLY as you don’t want to mess up at this point
5) Press F3 to proceed, and a request code will be generated
6) Open AVT generator and enter in the request code under “key teach-in” and press calculate
7) Enter in the code at the bottom of DAS
8) Once the code as been accepted (press okay) and within 30sec press the lock button twice on each fob that you wish to code
9) Once you reach back to the DAS menu, you’re done!

I did not generate TAN code for other functions. The TANLogfix file I downloaded for free ONLY worked for the key teach-in unfortunately.

Turn off DAS/Xentry and give it a try! The procedure took approximately ~5 minutes. It worked for me.

Good luck!.