Mercedes Super MB Star C3 Internal error (3.822) 3153

One of Mercedes Benz Super MB Star C3 diagnostic multiplexer user with 2014.12V DAS/XENTRY software had Internal error (3.822) 3153 problem these days. All worked no problem before this.

Error screenshot:
“Defaut interne: (3.822)-3.153 Veuillez contacter imperativement le User Help Disk”
“Internal default: (3.822) 3153 Please contact imperatively the User Help Disk”

Possible reason:
Current computer time is not set correctly according to Star diagnosis DAS/XENTRY version.

Set the computer to 3 month later than DAS/XENTRY version. Fro example, the DAS version is 2014.12V, so you have to set the current computer time to 3 month later 2015.3V.