OBDSTAR DC706 Clone JEEP Continental GPEC2 Instructions

One customer asked us to post how to clone JEEP Continental GPEC2 using OBDSTAR DC706 with MP001 Adapter.

Here it comes.

Step-by-step Instructions:

Turn on DC706,


ECU Flasher>>ECM>>ECM V30.70

Search for “GPEC2”.

Select “JEEP CONTINENTAL GPEC2 MPC5566+95320”.

Select Boot mode and MP001 Adapter.

Carefully read “Guide” before operation.

1)If you use P003/ P003+, an 120ohm resistor is required

2)If you use MP001, no more resistors are required

Check out “PINOUT”.

Solder cables and connect tools as required.

Connect ECU.


Read Flash.

Write EEPROM and Flash.

Done! That’s how OBDSTAR DC706 Tool read write GPEC2.


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