Op-com V2012 Software free Download & Update/Installation Guide

Op-com software today released the newest version 2012. Here is the opcom 2012v update/ installation guide (with software free download).

Software&video guide (VAUX-COM_120309a.exe) free download link:

Version 2012 can be suitable for OPCOM Hardware V1.59 & V1.45

1. Laptop with Win XP/ Win 7 must be installed the system patch “dotnetfx35_SP1”; otherwise the software can not run.
2. Users with Win 7 must open the laptop as an administrator, and learn the installation video carefully.

Open “Computer/E:/vaux-com_120309a”
Licence information: click “Accept”.
Click “Install”.
(“OCFLASH FW UPG” and “VAUX-COM 120309A+131223d GB” icons on Desktop)
Click “Extract” to unpack version 1.10.00 of FTDI’s Windows Driver Package and launch the installer.
USB serial converter installed: click “Close”.
Right click “Computer” for “Manage”.
Select “Device Manager>> Universal Serial Bus controllers>> USB Serial Converter”. Then close the interface.
Right click “VAUX-COM 120309A+131223d GB” on Desktop to run as an administrator.
Select “Settings”.
Select “Interface type: VAUX-COM B, B+” and then click “Test Interface”.
Interface test results: firmware version: v01.59; interface test ended successfully. Then click “Close”.
Click “Save Config”. Click “OK”.
Click “Diagnostics” from the main window.
You can see lots of vehicle information (1987-2014)
Click “Automatic vehicle identification”
Click “KWP-2000”.
Checking interface…
KW2000 communication….
Closing communication…
Select “Diagnose ECM”.
Checking interface…
Click “Fault codes” to read and then “Back”.
Click “Close”.
Closing communication…
Click “Back” *3.
Then click “Exit”.

Ps. Version 2012 can be suitable for OPCOM Hardware V1.59 & V1.45

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