Opcom V6 PCB Rework: 100% Working

I managed to update Op-com v5 to Op-com V6, see how i rework:

Opcom v5 PCB:

opcom-PCB-V5-2007-1 opcom-PCB-V5-2007-2

Rework to Op-com V6:

I @spider-wifi did an instruction for all.


Kline OK
All works ok

I have Bulgarian OPCOM HQ version 131223c EN. HW is the same as PCB V5 2007. The differences are only in firmware FW 1.60 and FTDI PID. Whole protection is in FTDI CHIP ID. FTDI PID is possible change.
Is need to do a FTDI CHIP ID emulator….

Real measuring on PCB V5 is:
PIN4 is Rx ——–> PIN19 Tx
Pin1 is Tx ——–> PIN23 Tx

PCB rework requires technique and experience.

If you have no experience, go to buy a working Opcom v6 (it’s cheap- 20 euro around)

This is Opcom v6 board; No need rework

Source: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/opcom-op-com-with-pic18f458-chip.html

sp105-c-opcom-1.59-pcb-1 sp105-c-opcom-1.59-pcb-2

Opcom clone working with k-line?

If I do not make a mistake that tool is made in Russia
That tool it has a different design then a china clone ( that its 1:1 with opcom rev b genuine obe but with a different pcb design )
So in this case this tool is using a different firmware, a small moded one for that schematic. I only suppose.
Never had this kind of tool in my hand
Similar is happened with the chinese opcom v6 hardware
If you are using it with opcom china clone 2010 all its ok but if you change the software and you are using it with vauxcom 120309a the tool is not working on k-line.
Just because the hardware its moded and the firmware its modeled for this hardware too
If this is your problem then to fix this issue you need a untouched tool, same as the one you have. Extract the Pic MCU dump and reflash with your tool
So if you reflashed back you tool with the same firmware as this time and its not working on k-line then you have to check the relay for pin 7 and then the 9637D ( if it is used this chip )
Keep us informed
Good luck

Info for Opcom firmware hunters:
One more chinese fraud about opcom…
Opcom v6 PCB now looks like original PIC 18F458 from Microchip, but stil is FAKE, chinese fraudsters,  not write “OPCOM” anymore on top of PIC chip, now is new inscription…




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