PASSAT B6 Faulty Steering Lock, how to solve

There is a a faulty steering lock on Passat 3C(B6) 2007with and need a guide on how to program it to the kessy when i am not getting communication from the kessy because i cant get ignition to turn on.

And here’s the suggestion from a forum, which really works like a charm. Put it here, hope to help someone.

Providing the vehicle PIN worked as expected please follow the next steps with the new part installed:

Make sure a battery charger is connected so the voltage is maintained.

[Adaption – 10]
Leave channel at “00”
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[Security Access-16]
Enter the vehicle PIN in a 5 digit format.
[Do it!]
[Adaption – 10]
Read Channel 051.
The Stored Value will be 32000. Enter the PIN in the New Value box.
Wait | N/A | N/A | N/A Will be displayed. Wait until the ID numbers are transferred into the first 2 boxes. If you aren’t sure, be patient and wait at least 30 seconds!
[Save] (Note: if Save is not available and the data in the last step has transferred continue by exiting)
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IMPORTANT at last:
use VAS 5054A interface to check fault codes in all installed control modules and clear them as needed.