PCM Tuner Car Magic Tool V1.2.4 Update

PCM Tuner Car Magic Tool V1.2.4 Update:

1) user can view sn and expiry date, despite user account is inactive/expired/missing usb dongles
2) User can view latest news
3) Add new function MPM plug and Scanners (for this new function user need order the MPM plug hardware)
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4) all user can see owns s/n when you dont plugin the pcmtuner hardware or smart dongle

PCMTuner Software Update Tips:

PCMTuner Software including 2 Parts:

1.PCMTuner to check wiring diagram and instructions

This software can be update online, Just Press OK to begin updating the application when it request to update to latest version.

2.PCMFlash to read/write ECUs

The PCMFlash software is in the USB dongle, update via the new USB dongle.If PCMFlash request to update to newer version, Don’t Update it, The update is only to buy the new USB dongle.

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