VVDI key tool Update to V3.2.3

VVDI key tool is updated to version 3.2.3.

It is for all versions, includes EU,US and Chinese versions


  1. Pls use the latest Xhorse upgrade kit version 1.5.3 to update key tool firmware and remote offline database
  2. Pls update your mobile Xhorse App to the latest version 1.5.0

VVDI Key Tool 3.2.3 NEW Features:

  1. New: add vvdi superchip xt27 generation an clone

(support 7935 46 47 49 48 8E 4D 4E 4C 8A 8C 11 12 13 etc)

  1. New: Add Toyota H chip generation and clone online using vvdi super chip xt27

(require Xhorse App version 1.5.0)

Tested on mini key tool: http://blog.xhorsetool.com/vvdi-mini-key-tool-copied-h-chip-2015-toyota-camry/

Now, super chips can be used with not only vvdi2, mini key tool, but the old key tool

  1. New: Add super chip remote generation function

(remote and transponder prepared at the same time)

  1. Fix: some UI bugs fixed

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