What Keys can be Used with VVDI MLB Tool?

Here are the keys that can be used with Xhorse VVDI MLB Tool.

We will show you which of them need tokens or points for data calculation.


1.Compatible Keys


*Requirements for OEM keys:

1)Unlocked, uninitialized, with id: generate dealer key and learn key

2)Unlocked, uninitialized, no id: change id once

3)Unlocked, initialized: restore key to unlocked and uninitialized state by calculating immo data

4)Locked, initialized, no id: no way to unlock


2.Token or Point Needed

1.Read data from OEM key (No VVDI MLB Key): 200 points

2.Read data from OEM key (with VVDI MLB Key): No points

*Identify new VVDI key first, and then read OEM key

3.Read data from VVDI MLB Key: No points

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