Alientech KESS3 Boot Read Isuzu Transton 4HK1 Tips

Alientech KESS3 finally had a go at booting a Transton, getting the no ID error so something isn’t right but everything is wired correctly, anyone had this issue it’s a 4hk1 24v Isuzu using protocol 430.

Here are some tips on Transton:

1)Better to read by soldering

4HK1 requires soldering to 7 tiny chips leg in a row.

Use single core wire and make a join.

2)Try to shorten wires.

Easy to cause problems with PCBites and long wires that came with it in boot.

3)Use MMCFlasher

Get MMC Flasher at a fraction of the cost of the KESS3 and save yourself so much time

MMCFlasher supports 4HK1, 4J1, 6UZ1, 4JK1, and 6HK1.

Done! Hope this helps!