Did Autel IM508 Work with Toyota AKL Cable of OBDSTAR/ Lonsdor?

One customer asked if his Autel IM508S would work on the smart key of the new Toyota (2021-), and if he needed a cable to connect the vehicle’s smart ECU to the IM508S.

Can it be used with other companies?

I currently have a Lonsdor K518. Can I use that cable? (FP24 27 30 cable)

Here is the Answer:

1.Lonsdor 30-Pin Cable should work

Also, one customer used OBDSTAR 30-Pin Cable with Autel IM608II on Toyota Tundras HV 2023.


OBDSTAR Toyota-30 Cable with Autel on Tundras HV 2023 Review

2.Lonsdor 24-/ 27-pin Cable is not compatible

Use cables with a OBD port

Those that have to be connected to an adapter are not supported


Done! Hope this could help!


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