What Autel Tablet Compatible with Intelligent Diagnostics?

One customer asked what Autel Tablets are compatible with Intelligent Diagnostics.


Here is the list:

New Autel Tablets after Dec. 22nd, 2023 (check out IP info in devices) does not support Intelligent Diagnostics.

Autel Tablets below after Feb. 2024 support Motor TruSpeed Repair (similar to intelligent diagnostics):

Maxisys Elite II Pro

MaxiCOM Ultra Lite

MaxiCOM Ultra Lite S

Maxisys Ultra/EV/ADAS

Maxisys Ultra EV/ADAS

Maxisys Ultra ADAS

Maxisys 919/EV/ADAS

Maxisys 909/EV/ADAS

Maxisys 909EV/ADAS

Maxisys 909CV

*Details about Motor TruSpeed Repair:

Autel New Vehicle Database – MOTOR TruSpeed Repair

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