PIWS2 tester vs. Durametric cable, how do you think of?

Here, two diagnostic scanners for Porsche will be talked about:

Porsche PIWS2 (US$999):

PIWS2 Durametric cable (US$20.99):

Then, some reviews from users:
Review on Durametric
— good for Porsche airbag diagnosis

Customer A:
I used my Durametric “Enthusiast” (cheapest version) to turn off my air bag light after I replaced my door lock on passenger side. Removed and reinstalled air bag, which triggered light to remain lit. No problem.

Customer B:
I do have a cheap Chinese knock-off cable (PIWS2), and I am running the software that they supplied with it (I believe it is Ver. 5 of Durametric). The reason why *I* bought it was to reset the airbag warning light because I was messing with the steering wheel and forgot to disconnect the battery.

Worked just fine to reset the a/b code. And, much cheaper than paying the dealer $180 for the same procedure.


— full function

Customer C:
PIWS2 has full factory support and access to some functions which are ‘private’.
It MAY be a matter of time before Durametric et. al. discover how to access these ‘private’ areas…..but I’m certain once they do and PCNA finds out, the dogs will be released from the legal department.
PIWS2 is also ridiculously expensive, requiring VERY frequent S/W updates.

That having been said, the Durametric tool does allow you to avoid some visits to your dealer for simple items. An excellent tool for the DIY type.

Customer D:
With PIWS2, download a new code image to any module that is on a bus (via internal gateways) in the vehicle.

So, could reprogram the ECU, reprogram audio infotainment system, etc.

PIWS2 tester vs Durametric

Customer E:
PIWS2 can do more than 50 times what the Durametric software can do – and the Durametric software can easily do 20 times what a standard code reader can do.

The Durametric software is very good and so far all the updates have been free.
Durametric from my seller:

Customer F:
I have the Durametric Software and a (clone) PST2 that I paid nearly $1000 for. The PST2 is the predecessor to PIWS2 and it can not program cars after MY2004 and has limited programming for Cayenne.


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