Question about buying GM tech2 diagnostic tool

Here are two questions and answers help buy a good GM Tech 2 scan tool clone .

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Q 1: I am considering to buy a GM Tech 2 diagnostic scanner for use with my Saab. Witch one of the ones you offer at your webshop has the best quality and is equipped with the latest software/hardware? Do you also sell USB port converter for the Tech 2?

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A 1: There are 4 kinds of Tech2 in our website, they are SP23-B3, SP23-B, SP23-C and SP23-1

All of them has the same function, their difference is :

SP23-B is the best quality Tech2 with Black Carry box, best quality more stable

SP23-B3 is the SP23-B best quality tech2 with carton box, also has the best quality

SP23-C is the same like SP23-B, it also including the Black carry box, but comes from another factory.

SP23-1 is the best price one,it is with carton box, will help you save much more money.

Check the different version details here:

In conclusion:

If you wanna best quality and more professional, please can choose SP23-B ,because it has a black carry box.

If you wanna best quality but wanna cheap one, can choose SP23-B3

If you wanna a good quality and also cheaper, please choose SP23-1

The SAAB vehicle you can choose SAAB English card, it is the latest version.

The usb port converter for GM tech2 ? we do not selling it

GM Tech2 has not region limitation.


Q 2: Thank you for your fast response. I have some more questions.

Does the set sp23-b3 come with a cigarette lighter power cable?

Is the TIS 2000 saab suitable ?

With of the shipping options would you advise ?


A 2: Yes. It includes 1 pcs 12V cigarette lighter powercable.

For Saab English card, we would ship the package with Saab TIS2000 with USB dongle to you.

DHL shipping is recommended and declare a lower price on the invoice help you clearance.