SVDI 2019 Auto Diagnostic Tool Review

SVDI 2019 is the new auto diagnostic tool update of SVDI 2018. SVCI 2019 does not need to be activated, will not lock the machine and the serial number will not be lost.

SVCI 2019 has three more software than SVCI 2018: ABRITES Commander for VAG V37.0, ABRITES Commander for BMW V10.5, and ABRITES Commander for Mercedes V10.4.These three software are the latest software, which supports the basic functions of the 2019 new VAG (Volkswagen Audi Skoda SIJAT), Mercedes-Benz and BMW, such as fault diagnosis, fault code clearing, data stream reading, etc., but currently does not support special functions.

How to install SVCI 2019 software?

CD is only one executable file, double-click the “AbritesCommanderSetup. Exe”

Start the installation

Do not plug USB into your computer during installation

After the installation is complete, USB is connected to the computer.

How to start SVDI 2019 software quickly?

SVCI 2019 quick launch software has 38 shortcut ICONS, click the icon to launch the corresponding software. Compared to the quick start of SVCI 2018, clicking the icon does not display the activation dialog box.

The last icon is the firmware upgrade program, click to start the firmware upgrade program.

Note: Must be connected to the Internet to download the latest firmware program, download and click upgrade to update the firmware program.

Click the icon, the tray in the lower right corner of the computer will appear the dongle program icon.

Note: The dongle program cannot exit while the software is running.