SVDI FVDI 2020 Auto Diagnostic Tool FAQ

SVDI FVDI 2020 Auto Diagnostic Tool FAQ:

Q: Can SVCI V2020 work normally when the network is connecting?

A: No need to connect the network. If the network is connecting when using SVCI, it won’t damage the machine.

Q: Is SVCI FVDI V2020 available with multi language?

A: yes, you can reset the language in the car model list.

Also, the svci 2020 software has language list.

Q: Any computer operation system requirements for svci 2010?

A: win7, 8 , 10 are all okay.

Q: SVCI V2020 is 12 months activation or lifetime?

A: No need activation.

Q: Does SVCI V2020 have button batteries?

A: No, it doesn’t. Without battery, the machine won’t lock and easy to ship.

Q: can SVCI V2020 correct odometer for Fiat?

A: Yes, it can cover Fiat up to 2015 year.

Q: Can SVCI V2020 support Audi a5 2011 bcm2 component protection?

A: Yes, it can.

Q: Can SVCI V2020 support audi a5 2011 bcm2 synchronization?

A: No. it doesn’t support the online function.

Q: Does SVCI V2020 have J2534?

A: No.

Q: Is SVCI V2020 compatible with the AVDI software?

A: No. It can’t work with other machine, the software is bound together with the serial number.

Q: Does SVCI V2020 have key programming function?

A: yes.

Q: Can svci 2020 support the special functions of VAG, BMW, Benz, such as mileage correction and key learning?

A: yes, basically up to 2014 year.

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