Top 3 Tools to Porsche 12V Lithium Battery Repair in 2023

What tools to repair Porsche 12V Lithium Battery? Here we will introduce 3 tools. We will cover CG100X, ACDP, and VVDI.



As the upgraded version of CGDI CG100, it support battery repair for Cayenne from 2017-2020 (SPC5644B) and Taycan (MM9Z1J638).

2 ways to connect to PCB:


Adapter (come with package)

How to Repair:

1.Confirm the year of the vehicle and lithium battery

2.Remove battery control panel for repair

3.Charge battery to rated voltage (please do not install battery control panel)

4.After charging is complete, install battery control panel back


2.ACDP Module 23

Module 23 is designed for restoring 12V lithium battery data from Porsche 2018-2020 (SPC5644B).

Connect by adapters, control from phone app.


VVDI has a repair option for Porsche battery (SPC5644B-ON32E).

Compatible Device:

1.Xhorse VVDI PROG – Software V5.1.2

2.Key Tool Plus – Database V55

3.MINI PROG – Database V49

Connect by soldering.

How to Repair:

1.Select DFLASH, click Read and backup data

2.Click Renew and Repair

3.It’s necessary to remove wiring after operation, please charge battery until full and then put circuit board back, you can check if battery has 12v output


Which is the best choice for you?