TOPDON Phoenix Plus Unlock SFD Locking Instruction


Unlock SFD locking before diagnosis


TOPDON Phoenix Tool.


1.What is SFD Protection for VW?

Vehicle Diagnostic Protection (also known as SFD – Schutz Fahrzeug Diagnose) is an additional security layer that requires authorization between the vehicle and manufacturer. It may help to protect people from any fraud, by providing information on who and when has made modifications.


2.How to Unlock SFD Protection?

Here we turn on TOPDON Phoenix Plus,


Scan>>VW>>VW 10.23

For example, we select Brake Electronics

Then select “SFD (Vehicle Diagnostic Protection) Activation”.

Select “Manual SFD Activation”.

Here we need Unlock Request Structure, VIN, and the module we are in.


Come out and go into Chrome.

Go to

Register and login in.

Here we could buy tokens (e.g. 25 Euros for 5 SFD codes)

We got tokens, so we select “Activate VIN”

Enter VIN and select module.

It will take 30 seconds to generate the code.

Now we have SFD calculation code.

Then we get back to module menu.

Select “SFD token”.

Enter that SFD code we just got and select “Activation Control Unit”.


Credit to TOPDON UK.