VAG-COM and VAS504A for newer VAG vehicles

FYI, collect some tips for those looking for good interface for newer VAG vehicles (diagnostic + adaptation)…Clone is preferred.

Original Rosstech cable is +/- € 400,-

Clone versions works okay, but sometimes troubles with ( long ) coding..

Do not update clones and no internet connection, and you have a lot of fun with the best tool ever for VAG cars..

When you need the tool every day, please buy original and always up to date.

With your VCDS latest version 16.8.2 you can do some newer cars

But the old Hex+Can (VAG COM – Original or clone) and Micro Can are not able to communicate with the new platform MLB-EVO II, it means Audi A4 2016, Audi A5 2016, Audi Q5 2017, Audi Q7 2016

If you are looking for clone, then the new VAS 50554 + ODIS 

Otherwise from Ross-Tech the XEH-NET + VCDS (Original)

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