VVDI V3.5.3 VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface FAQ

VVDI V3.5.3 VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface FAQ

Latest V3.5.3 VVDI for VAG VW Audi Skoda Seat is Windows-Based diagnostic software. It includes ImmoPlus, VAG Commander software and Tag Key Tool function. It is a powerful tool for VAG vehicles.

About VVDI Function

Q: What’s similarities and difference between VAG KM + IMMO TOOL or VVDI China VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface?

A:  VVDI support making key for VW Audi Skoda Seat, VAG KM + IMMO TOOL is mainly used to correct mileage, but before buying it you need to tell us the dashboard chip type to see whether our tool work with your dashboard.


Q: Does vvdi read immo code for Passat 2006?

A: VVDI supports immo code reading for VAG vehicles before 2009.

Q: Can VVDI China VAG Vehicle Diagnosis support programmer transponder id48 crypto VW golf v 2007?
A: Theoretically, VVDI can do that. We advice you have a try.

Q: Can VVDI make new key for Polo 2012 even all key lost? Can VVDI program ECU?
A:  yes, VVDI can make key for Polo 2012 even all key lost with “IMMOPlus software”, and VVDI is not good at programming ECU for Polo 2012.

Q: What can make a copy of a key for a Audi A4 2006
A: There is no good tool for it and maybe you can try for VVDI.

Q: Which tool can make key and has anti-theft function for VW (Polo, Golf) or Audi (A4, A3, A6)?
A: Try to use VVDI.

Q: I wonder if VVDI le pin code of the immobilizer and writes the key and remote control on 2009 Jetta a / t leandro
A: It can read pin code. As for programming key for Jetta 2009, try to use T300 or VVDI.

About VVDI Language

Q: Is VVDI only available with English? I want French.
A: “ImmoPlus” and “VAG Commander Software” only has English.


About VVDI Update

Q: How to update VVDI China VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface?
A: 1.Use this V3.5.3 software,read serial number, you can update it online
2.The VVDI IMMO Plus V3.5.3 include the vag commander and tag key tool software. You do not need to reinstall these 2 software separately any more.

How to Update VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface VVDI

About VVDI Installation

Q: I can’t connect with the interface VVDI I don’t know what happened but doesn’t connect
A: Please click column “Video” to watch the Video tutorial that is about how to connect the VVDI with the computer and the car and how to install the VVDI driver.

How to connect VVDI VAG commander to car?
step 1

Connect VVDI with your computer

step 2:


step 3:
step 4:


step 5:


The vag commander software setup pictures show:


step 6: open my computer


step 7: open VVDI CD


step 8: open vag commander software setup

Some more operation demo pictures as follows:


VVDI Abrites commander for VAG

VVDI Abrites commander for VAG

VVDI Abrites tag key tool 2.0


Q: VVDI got error reading “unable to connect to device”. Then I use another computer, got the same error. The serial port is Ok.
A: Please check VVDI driver is successfully installed. If you have no idea on how to install VVDI driver, please watch the video tutorial uploaded at the column “Video”.

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