VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis III Reivew

VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis III is the new third-generation Porsche diagnostic tool, which is good at maintenance, repair, control units change and programming & setting codes, can read/clear trouble code and show ECU information. Here share the latest update info and car list.

Porsche Piwis III software Update:

1.The latest version: V38.300.030 (updated on 21 August, 2019)

2.Multi-language: English, US English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese

3.Developer mode enabled, PIWIS Tester III vehicle coverage up to 2018: 911, Macan, Cayenne, Panamera, Boxster Cayman

4.Update method: purchase new HDD/SSD

VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis III car list:

All Porsche from 1998-2018:
Porsche 911(997) (991)
Boxster/Cayman (987)
Cayenne up to MY 2010
Cayenne from MY 2011

Especially the latest models:

Paramera (971) 2018
Caynenne (92A) 2018
Macan (95B) 2018
911 (991) 2018
and other old models


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