VXDIAG vs. VNCI: The Cheapest VAG Scanner?

Which is the cheapest VAG scanner, VXDIAG VCX SE and VNCI 6154A?

Here we’ll compare the two scanners and see which one is the cheapest to use VW ODIS.


We have to renew the license every 2 months.

For diagnostic performance, VCX SE has all the licenses, we can add other licenses and it can be used with other car brands but VNCI doesn’t have a product with all these licenses.

VXDIAG is really fast and good.

VCX has also a few issues on BMW cars with E-series



VNCI is much cheaper, and it doesn’t require updating the license.

It is faster to find VIN number but it doesn’t matter.


VNCI is around 100 Euros, and VXDIAG around 150 Euros.

Depends on what your purpose is.

If you want to use it on more cars more brands, you should go for VXDIAG.

If you want to stay only for VAG, just go for VNCI.



Credit to YOYO Diagnostic


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