Warning for bad K+DCAN cable!!!

I can’t help complaining the bad K+DCAN cable I used before. It was burned, you know.

Typical terrible Chinese layout PCB design. In fact it has fresh burn marks on it making me pretty sure an arc from those is what took out the cable. If I end up with another one I will cut those back and cover in hot glue or something to isolate from the FT232 chip. Pic below doesn’t quite do justice to how burned that thing looks in person.

The big device they use turns out to be an L7805V voltage regulator. Without getting into reverse engineering their schematic I’m guessing they have something setup very inefficiently so it is shunting tons of current to generate the 5V but I dunno.


Here’s (not much but a little) better shot of how burnt the poor FT232 chip is… blurry but you can see the discoloration…


Well… Had better to buy a new one.
I must say, I am the lucky dog. Get the great one you see.

Very fine work, and bridged soldering of 2 pins is intentional.

A successful purchase in China I think.

Ps. Forgot to mention:
My K+DCAN interface from http://www.worldobd2.com/wholesale/bmw-inpa-k-can.html

Sales auto-diagnosis.org