XTOOL D8 Review and Comparison with D9PRO

Among new XTool D series tablets, what is the difference between Xtool D8 Scanner and Xtool D9PRO or D8BT? Here we will show you.


1.D8 vs D8 BT

The reason I chose the D8 wired is because the Bluetooth version doesn’t allow you to connect via wire. 5 or 6 years from now the battery will eventually die, and you will lose the Bluetooth functions. Always having a wire connected to power is the best method.


2.How to Update Xtool D8?

Simply click Update and Update All.

The free models (D7, D8, D9…) will give you 3 years of free updates.


3.Special Function

Lots of special functions here.

Not all vehicles are compatible with these.

For something specific you’re looking for, go to xtool directly and they will tell you whether or not. (Function List: https://www.xtooltech.com/english/FunctionQuery.html)


4.D8 vs D9PRO Special Function

The difference is that the D8 does not do AdBlue reset, Nox reset, Vin write, and Odometer read. The other thing is the ECU coding. On the D8 you could do ECU coding available on VW, Skoda, and Audi. Move to D9, that’s expanded to VW, Skoda, Audi, BMW, Benz, Mazda, and Ford.

5.How to Scan/ Diagnose?

For most vehicles you hit Auto Scan when it’ll detect vehicle info automatically. Sometimes it can’t read the vehicle, but it will sit here connecting for almost 5 minutes to finally tell you it can’t. This is one downside to the D8 and I believe D9 as well. You can’t click back and reboot the device.

To manually select vehicle, then do a general scan or scan one separate module. Although all of these modules are presented, not all of them are supported be the vehicle. For example on the Porsche Cayenne, look at the All Wheel Drive (PTM), it doesn’t work on the D8. We know the D8 has many special functions but on the Cayenne these are only six.

But if you can’t find a specific function in the actual vehicle, try doing in on the main page like BMW Reset will actually work on the Cayenne.

Done! All for the Xtool D8.

Credit to BucketofBolts


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