4 Ways to Program BMW BDC Key via OBD

In this article, we are going to bring you 4 ways to program BMW BDC keys via OBD.

Hope this could save you a lot of time, making your job easier.



BMW V4.20 software adds this function.

Update Info:

BMW [V4.20]

Adds Key Learning function in OBD mode for the following F Chassis models with BDC module:

1 Series (2018/05 2020/02) F40

2 Series (2018/12-2020/02) F44

2 Series (2013/11 2019/06) F45

2 Series (2014/03- 2019/06) F46

X1 (2014/11-2019/06) F48

X2 (2016/10-2019/06) F39

X5 (2013/04-2018/06) F85

X5 (2012/08-2018/06) F15

X6 (2013/09 2019/05) F16/F86

i Series (2013/01-2019/06) i01/i12

i Series (2017/01-2020/01) i15



Autel IMMO Tablet with XP400 PRO and activate subscription.



Enter IMMO menu and select “BDC key learning (OBD)”.

Ensure stable network connection and 13 V power supply.

Follow instructions,

1)Read vehicle info

2)Preprocess ECU

3)Read password

Then learn keys and it will be done.

*For AKL, ISM is required


2.Yanhua ACDP

Yanhua ACDP also designed ACDP Module 31 for BMW BDC (085 version is also included).


*Even if module info is lost, software could restore it.



To use VVDI Key Programmer for BMW BDC (085 version is not supported),

Users need

V7.3.5 VVDI2 (VB-01 BMW OBD and VB-03 FEM/BDC Function are activated)

V1.9.0 BIMtool

Key Tool Plus with V528 Database



1)Get key info

2)Preprocess BDC module

3)Generate and learn dealer key


Lonsdor add BDC programming via OBD in January.

Users need Lonsdor K518 PRO or K518 Series.

Also read key data, preprocess FEM/BDC, and learn keys.



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