Land Rover Jaguar 2018+ Key Programming: VVDI or Lonsdor?


To program JLR 2018+ keys, clone key via OBD, choose OEM keys, or replace the whole RFA module or only the chip?


Xhorse (VVDI Key Tool Plus)

1.JLR of low specification

Add/ AKL via OBD

VVDI Remote Clone Key Info



Do Not overwrite original key position


2.JLR of high specification (most with Comfort Access)

Replace RFA module/CPU

Key Tool Plus rewrite data and program new keys


1)Low risk: JPLA, J9C3… High risk: K8D2…

2)Keep OEM Tool as an alternative

3)VVDI Tablet won’t lock chip after programming

4)Support blank SPC560B60L3 chip, KTP has data

Lonsdor (Lonsdor K518ISE)


1.JLR of low specification

Clone using Lonsdor Smart Key and all done.

Some cars that ask for a 32-digit pin code don’t support remote clone

AKL programming via OBD is supported


2.JLR of high specification

New keys added by remote clone don’t have keyless function, only remote and emergency work

For JPLA version, replace CPU or RFA module, go to “Replace RFA” menu, then it will allow AKL programming (added keys have smart and remote function).

To program non-smart keys, need to change vehicle configuration and disable UWB function (two keys are required to replace RFA module under AKL). Change vehicle configuration by K518ISE; Replace RFA module or chip inside, use K518 first then OEM tool if failed, finally program keys by K518 (with alarm active JLR Connector is required)

K8D2 version is not supported! Use an OEM tool.


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